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Foxborough METCO Parent Advisory Board

Mission of the Foxborough-Walpole METCO Parent Leadership Advisory Board?

The MISSION STATEMENT of the Fox-Wal METCO Parent Advisory Board consists of supporting the goals and qualities held by METCO, Inc. and the Foxborough & Walpole School District; it has come to formulate its own values built on community, voices, program fundraising and growth.

Who is the Fox-Wal METCO Parent Advisory Board? The FWPAB is comprised of Parent volunteers who have students enrolled in the Foxborough/Walpole METCO Program. There are currently two (2) positions of Secretary and Treasurer, a Parent Representatives for High School, Middle School and Elementary Schools. The goal is to have two (2) Parent Representatives for each grade level in order that we always have an alternate to attend meetings or assist in mass emails and/or telephone calls to Foxborough & Walpole METCO Parents.

What does the Fox-Wal METCO Parent Advisory Board (FWPAB) do? The goals of the FWPAB is to assist and partner with the METCO Program Director in delivering student academic information, to generate revenue to assist in FUN “D”ING student scholarships for high schoolers, supplementing youth mentoring programs throughout the year as well as conducting fundraisers to offset costs. Associated costs fo the Foxborough & Walpole METCO program events are apple picking, youth sporting events and/or holiday celebration events.